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How It Works

Monstrance from Immaculate Heart of Mary Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel

Adoration Manager is a web service. The program is hosted on our servers and accessed over the internet using 256-bit SSL encryption. No desktop software is required other than a standard web browser. Nearly all web browsers are suported, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Some chapels use good old pencil and paper to manage their adoration schedules and adorers. Others use spreadsheet software. While these methods work, they are missing several important functions -- automation, communication and reporting. While Adoration Manager was written to make managing adoration chapels simple, the technology behind the system uses enterprise-class server software and databases to make the complex task of managing an adoration chapel greatly simplified.

Adoration Manager is capable of managing and scheduling hundreds or even thousands of adorers while at the same time making full use of E-Mail and TXT messaging to keep everyone informed when changes occur. Tasks that would normally be tedious and time consuming, such as compiling and emailing reports and notifying people of changes, are all automated. Perhaps the most tiring task used to be collecting the paper sign-in sheets from the chapel, interpreting the handwriting found there, and manually marking attendance of the adorer on an attendance sheet. This entire process is completely automated with the use of a simple, intuitive and friendly touchscreen in the chapel (or vestibule).


Sign in as an Adorer, Substitute or a visitor! The sign-in touch screen is a simple but powerful tool that allows adorers to sign in for their hour, subsitute for other adorers or just sign in as a visitor. The elderly even enjoy using the touchscreen because it lets them feel like they are not only using technology, but, more importantly, they feel empowered and involved! So easy, even a caveman could use it!

Usually located in or near your adoration chapel, the touchscreen allows adorers to view schedules (including group schedules), contact information for Division Leaders, Hour Coordinators and more. Because adorers sign in using their unique 6 digit Adorer ID, automatic daily attendance reports are generated and emailed to pertinent staff persons so problem areas can be quickly identified.

The touchscreen not only automates the sign-in and reporting process, it greatly reduces your carbon footprint by reducing the need to use paper:
  • Replaces paper sign-in sheets
  • Replaces printed adorer schedules
  • Replaces printed contact sheets
  • Replaces printed Open Hour lists

Touchscreen Features

Note: The term 'admins' below refers to Division Leaders, Hour Coordinators and System Managers.



Communication and Notifications