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Subscribe Base Price (before discounts): $249.00 (not including equipment and setup fees)

If your chapel qualifies for all discounts, you could receive up to 65% off the monthly service price! This would result in a monthly bill of only $87.15 per month. Monthly service includes free telephone and email support.

If you are the first chapel in your state and are a new subscriber then your cost would be $136.95 per month.

New Chapel Discount

25% off
To encourage growth, we are offering a 25% discount to all new chapels who sign up for Adoration Manager. This discount is available only to new suscribers of the service. If you cancel the service and come back, this discount will no longer apply. This discount never expires!

To qualify for this discount you must not have been a previous subscriber of Adoration Manager.

Emerging Markets Discount

20% off
You qualify for this discount if your chapel is the first chapel in your state to subscribe to Adoration Manager. This is a lifetime discount that applies as long as you are a subscriber of Adoration Manager. Again, this discount applies as long as you are a subscribe of the service!

To receive this discount:

Chapel Referral Program

10% off per referral
Recommend Adoration Manager to another chapel. If they sign up and mention you, you will receive a 10% discount off the monthly price of Adoration Manager. This discount is limited to two (2) concurrent referral discounts per subscriber.

In order to qualify for this discount, a new chapel applying for Adoration Manager must mention your organization during the sign-up process. Once we have validated the referral we'll begin applying the discount to your monthly statement the following month and each month afterwards for 12 months.

Referred chapels must be new subscribers of Adoration Manager not yet subscribed to the service.

There is no limit on how many referral discounts you can have but you may only receive a maximum of 20% in referral discounts at any given time. For complete details, please see the Terms & Conditions.

NOTE: All discounts are cumulative, meaning that if you qualify for more than one discount, the total percentage is applied to your monthly bill. Discounts apply only to the monthly service fee and are not applicable to any other fees and services.

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